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Smoke Control in High-Rise Buildings: Part 4

Friday June 27, 2014

Building codes around the globe are highly varied. Therefore, the smoke control requirements for high-rise buildings differ drastically.

The Middle East is home to many of the world’s tallest buildings. As of 2011, The United Arab Emirates published the UAE Fire & Life Safety Code of Practice. This code is now a required compliance documents for new projects. Within this code, smoke control is required in the form of pressurized stairs and a zone-type smoke control system. However, the zoned smoke control system is only required for egress corridors. 

Another area of the glob that is known for their skyscrapers is China. For the most part, tall buildings in China, Hong Kong and other countries in that region have codes similar to those in the United States. One big exception, however, is Chinese codes require refuge floors to be located every 20 floors. Refuge floors must remain dedicated for refuge use and provide access to the exterior. Furthermore, smoke control and pressurization is required in stairs and corridors for all buildings over 105 feet in height. 

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