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Opening Protectives for Elevator Protection

Smoke Guard has a large selection of options when it comes to elevator protection. During the event of a fire emergency, an elevator shaft can serve as a chimney by funneling smoke from floor to floor. Elevator opening protectives work with the fire-rated doors used on most elevators to quarantine smoke and aid emergency personnel. READ MORE »

Product Spotlight: Model 200 Smoke Curtain

The Model 200 is a great supplement to the fire-rated doors used in nearly every elevator. This smoke-rated opening protective provides code-compliant draft, smoke and fire control. The M200 smoke curtain serves to slow the spread of smoke through a burning structure by separating the elevator shaft from the rest of the floor. READ MORE »

Dissolving the Enclosed Elevator Lobby: The Benefits

When it comes to meeting smoke and fire codes, the enclosed elevator lobby has reigned supreme. While they are excellent in terms of fire safety, the elevator lobby can be an eye sore, expensive, and a huge impediment on design and architecture. READ MORE »

Implement Smoke Curtains While Maintaining Security

Secure environments such as banks provide a unique problem when it comes to fire and smoke protection. On the one hand, they contain a large number of valuables that need to be protected in the event of a fire. On the other hand, they also need physical security to protect those valuables from burglary and maintain a record of those coming in and out. READ MORE »

Smoke Protection for Elevator Shafts

Smoke Guard smoke curtains provide a solution for buildings with insufficient space for a smoke lobby. Because an elevator shaft can serve as a chimney in the event of an emergency, it is imperative to provide a seal between the elevator and the rest of the floor. READ MORE »

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