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Fire & Smoke Rated Curtain System Applications: Convention Centers

The root of a convention center is usually just one giant room. However, that room can take many shapes depending on the event through the use of moveable walls. When creating a system for smoke and fire control for a convention center it is imperative you consider the most extreme situation. READ MORE »

Fire & Smoke Rated Curtain System Applications: Prisons

Prisons and penitentiaries present a unique set of circumstances when it comes to fire safety. Not only is it necessary to allow proper time for tenant evacuation, but it has to be done in a way that maintains order and keeps prison guards and staff safe. READ MORE »

Fire & Smoke Rated Curtain System Applications: Historic Buildings

Historic Buildings are usually grandfathered in to old building codes. Therefore, fire and smoke protection is usually lacking greatly. When trying to increase the safety of historical buildings there are usually restrictive limits on architectural modifications. These limits require great flexibility in in smoke & fire protection products. READ MORE »

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