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Alternatives to Enclosed Elevator Lobbies: Part 2

According to FEMA, asphyxiation from smoke is the leading cause of fire death, exceeding burns by a three-to-one ratio. Due to those kinds of realities, building must be designed to protect its occupants from both fire and smoke. READ MORE »

Alternatives to Enclosed Elevator Lobbies: Part 1

In multi-story buildings, elevator shafts can act like chimneys as they enable large amounts of air to move from floor to floor. Just as they enable the movement of air, elevator shafts can also transport smoke throughout a building in the case of a fire. As smoke rises upwards, it easily seeps through elevator doors and onto other floors. Because of the vertical nature of an elevator shaft, a fire can easily affect each floor and therefore needs to be specifically addressed to properly manage and compartmentalize fire and smoke. READ MORE »

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