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The Advantages of Deployable Curtain Systems

Deployable smoke and fire containment curtains have been used for quite some time to effectively protect elevators. However, their integration into atrium design is relatively new. Flexible fire and smoke curtains provide many advantages over a stand-alone smoke exhaust system. READ MORE »

Smoke Containment vs. Smoke Management

Smoke management systems are referred to as either passive or active. Active smoke management systems typically utilize smoke exhaust or evacuation systems. These systems utilize mechanical equipment to control the spread of smoke. Exhaust inlets located near or in the ceilings remove smoke from the building to allow people to evacuate. READ MORE »

Atrium Solutions – What Are Your Options?

As far as modern design goes, expanding the amount of natural light in a building by opening up the atrium continues to be very popular. Not only can an atrium reduce operating costs by taking advantage of natural light and delivering energy saving, an open atrium can vitalize interior space and increase user satisfaction. READ MORE »

Flagler Station Marriot Case Study

Charged with the design of a business class hotel with a small footprint, Architect Bernardo Sandoval needed to make the best use of every square foot of buildable space. See how the decision to specify the Smoke Guard system at the elevator hoistway added room for 4 additional units, increased the size of each unit 6 to 8 inches and created a payback period of less than six months. READ MORE »

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