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Atrium Separation in Health Care: Part 4

Flexible Fire & Smoke Curtains are becoming the go-to technology for fire protection in many types of businesses. However, certain industries need a little extra protection depending on the building’s occupants. READ MORE »

Atrium Separation in Health Care: Part 3

A passive smoke management systems requires no mechanical systems to support them. They are typically easier to install as they do not require intervention from an engineer. In health care, partitioning smoke can be especially important when a building is potentially housing many people with weakened immune systems or reduced mobility. READ MORE »

Atrium Separation in Health Care: Part 2

Depending on the type of health care building, it may be important to have a more active smoke management system in place. Certain areas of hospitals for example can contain flammable elements or have patients that need assistance in evacuating the building. READ MORE »

Atrium Separation in Health Care: Part 1

Health Care buildings such as hospitals and clinics provide unique obstacles when trying to satisfy building codes and also provide the security and privacy required by health care facilities. With a growing demand for energy-efficient architecture, atriums are taking advantage of natural light and open floor plans. READ MORE »

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