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Fixed Smoke Solutions for Industrial Spaces

It is common knowledge that building atriums are problematic when it comes to smoke and fire protection. An atrium poses only a fraction of the complications that a warehouse or manufacturing environment can encounter, however. READ MORE »

New Screens for Magnet Based Smoke Curtains

At Smoke Guard, we are always aim to provide our customers with the latest and greatest in fire protection. Starting this month, the screens on all our magnet-based products will look slightly different. However, this visual difference will mean even better performance as we switch from a silicone screen attachment to a high-temperature adhesive attachment. READ MORE »

Smoke Guard: Always Innovating

As building safety codes continue to evolve, we strive to keep our products ahead of the curve. Not only do our existing products evolve, but we are always trying to come up with new ways to improve building safety while limiting the impact on design and function of the building. READ MORE »

Celebrating our 25th Year!

At Smoke Guard, we are so proud of our history. This year, we celebrate our 25th year and we cannot thank you, our customers, enough for that. We started 25 years ago with a single elevator smoke curtain and have grown our product line to include: elevator curtains in various sizes, horizontal curtains, enclosure curtains without corner posts, doorway opening protectives and more. READ MORE »

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