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Communicating Stairs and the Perimeter Fire + Smoke Curtain

In modern construction, open and airy atriums are a very common and requested design feature. These atriums can be very environmentally friendly and offer large amounts of natural light and provide for natural occupant flow. However, protecting open atriums during a smoke or fire emergency can be tough. This is especially true when integrating a communicating stair or escalator in addition to a traditional elevator. READ MORE »

Protecting a large space? We have you covered!

Modern buildings are utilizing large open spaces more and more. Not only do the spaces feel open and airy, but they can often be very environmentally friendly. However, large open spaces can be troublesome when it comes to smoke and fire protection. Luckily, Smoke Guard has a variety of products to protect large openings and keep your building up with current fire codes. READ MORE »

Transparency is Key in Elevator Protection

When it comes to smoke control surrounding elevators, transparency is important when it comes to standards and smoke ratings. However, transparency is also important when it comes to the fabric itself! READ MORE »

Comparing M2500 and M2100

At a first glance, the Model 2100 and Model 2500 may seem identical. However, depending on the space you would like to protect, each has its own specific application. READ MORE »

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