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Find Your Finish with Smoke Guard

Smoke Guard offers a variety of finishes to fit the décor and design of pretty much any building. Not only do we offer stainless steel and custom colors, but also supply DI-NOC finishes. READ MORE »

Fire & Smoke Safety for Theaters

Think about the last time you were in a theater or auditorium. When it is time for everyone the leave, inevitably the doorways get quite crowded and you end up sitting in a long line. Now imagine that same scenario during a fire-related emergency. As you can imagine, it is imperative to give as much time as possible for the audience and staff to evacuate. READ MORE »

Fire Safety in Prisons and Detention Centers

Jails, Prisons and detention centers provide a unique dilemma when it comes to fire and smoke safety. Not only are these building already somewhat segmented, but the safety and security of both residents and employees needs to be taken into consideration. Chances are, these buildings already have evacuation procedures in place that need to be complimented by smoke and fire containment technology READ MORE »

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