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Fire Resistant Curtains for Airports

When it comes to fire safety, airports provide a unique challenge. Not only do they have large open spaces similar to building atriums, but they also require compartmentalized secure spaces due to TSA requirements. Therefore, the ability to securely section off smoke and fire in the case of an emergency is a necessity. READ MORE »

Fire Resistant Curtains in a Theater

When it comes to protecting large crowds, such as in a theater, fire resistant curtains from Smoke Guard are a great option. They can easily blend into a theater’s design while meeting all necessary building codes and maintaining a sense of elegance. In fact, fire resistant curtains can be designed to stay completely out of sight except in the case of emergency when they deploy automatically, often triggered by fire alarms. READ MORE »

Flexible Fire Curtain Advantages

When it comes to fire protection, the classic steel fire door has quite a legacy. However, technology has come a long way and flexible fire resistant curtains have many more advantages when it comes to smoke and fire protection: READ MORE »

UL 10D: The Benefits

As you may have heard, in the beginning of 2014, UL 10D became the standard for protective fire curtain testing. While it may not sound like that big of a deal this change actually provides quite a few benefits. READ MORE »

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