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Convenience Stairs and Building Codes

When it comes to securing stairwells and meeting fire codes, grand staircases in multi-level atriums seem to get all the attention. However, grand staircases are really nothing more than convenience stairs with a little extra design. READ MORE »

Install Spotlight: M4000 at Facebook

The Model 4000 fire curtain is the perfect solution for vertically deploying perimeter curtain installations as it does not require corner support posts. This particular model of smoke and fire curtain can shield staircases or escalators from smoke and flames, or provide a reservoir for smoke on the upper floors of an atrium or other open space. READ MORE »

Communicating Stairs and the Perimeter Fire + Smoke Curtain

In modern construction, open and airy atriums are a very common and requested design feature. These atriums can be very environmentally friendly and offer large amounts of natural light and provide for natural occupant flow. However, protecting open atriums during a smoke or fire emergency can be tough. This is especially true when integrating a communicating stair or escalator in addition to a traditional elevator. READ MORE »

Smoke Guard Model 4000: An Animation

The Model 4000 fire curtain from Smoke Guard offers code-compliance and architectural aesthetics without corner posts required! Check out this animation to see how it can be applied to an atrium. READ MORE »

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