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Fire & Smoke Rated Curtain System Applications: Historic Buildings

Historic Buildings are usually grandfathered in to old building codes. Therefore, fire and smoke protection is usually lacking greatly. When trying to increase the safety of historical buildings there are usually restrictive limits on architectural modifications. These limits require great flexibility in in smoke & fire protection products. READ MORE »

Smoke Control in High-Rise Buildings: Part 3

Smoke control by definition only seeks to compartmentalize the smoke and limit its spread to other parts of the building. In skyscrapers, this is especially important as there are many occupants that have to evacuate. READ MORE »

Smoke Containment vs. Smoke Management

Smoke management systems are referred to as either passive or active. Active smoke management systems typically utilize smoke exhaust or evacuation systems. These systems utilize mechanical equipment to control the spread of smoke. Exhaust inlets located near or in the ceilings remove smoke from the building to allow people to evacuate. READ MORE »

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