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Why Smoke Guard? It’s in the testing!

When it comes to opening protectives, there are other options out there. However, Smoke Guard is one of the few that that has been verified by the International Code Council to have met the standards defined in the IBC code. READ MORE »

Product Spotlight: Model 400

The M400 is available in a variety of sizes and offers more installation options than its sibling, the M200. Fire protection engineers and architects who want to maximize space in elevator lobbies and maintain code-compliant smoke and fire containment should consider combining the M400 with the fire-rated doors already present on most elevators. READ MORE »

Communicating Stair & Escalator Protection

Smoke control is required for building three stories or above. However, mechanical systems can be quite expensive and difficult to integrate into building design. Grand staircases or escalators offer a unique challenge when it comes to code compliance within an atrium. READ MORE »

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