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Celebrating our 25th Year!

At Smoke Guard, we are so proud of our history. This year, we celebrate our 25th year and we cannot thank you, our customers, enough for that. We started 25 years ago with a single elevator smoke curtain and have grown our product line to include: elevator curtains in various sizes, horizontal curtains, enclosure curtains without corner posts, doorway opening protectives and more. READ MORE »

Assessing Passive Smoke Management Systems

The options are plentiful when it comes to configuring a passive smoke management system. Therefore it is imperative to comprehensively evaluate the entire system to ensure compliance of smoke protection required by building codes. READ MORE »

Fire & Smoke Rated Curtain System Applications: Atriums

Building atriums create a unique obstacle when it comes to fire safety. They are very aesthetically pleasing, but large open spaces require extra attention to fulfill all fire safety building codes. However, through the implementation of a fire & smoke rated curtain system, you can easily create an effective fire safety system without compromising on design and appearance. READ MORE »

The Purpose of Smoke Control in Atrium Spaces

When dealing with a large building, atrium spaces can be quite tricky when it comes to building codes. Because of the wide open nature of an atrium, controlling smoke and fire presents a real dilemma. However, in order to allow time for occupants to evacuate safely in the event of an emergency, a smoke management systems must be implemented. READ MORE »

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