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Why Smoke Guard? It’s in the testing!

When it comes to opening protectives, there are other options out there. However, Smoke Guard is one of the few that that has been verified by the International Code Council to have met the standards defined in the IBC code. READ MORE »

Transparency is Key in Elevator Protection

When it comes to smoke control surrounding elevators, transparency is important when it comes to standards and smoke ratings. However, transparency is also important when it comes to the fabric itself! READ MORE »

Opening Protectives for Elevator Protection

Smoke Guard has a large selection of options when it comes to elevator protection. During the event of a fire emergency, an elevator shaft can serve as a chimney by funneling smoke from floor to floor. Elevator opening protectives work with the fire-rated doors used on most elevators to quarantine smoke and aid emergency personnel. READ MORE »

Smoke Protection for Elevator Shafts

Smoke Guard smoke curtains provide a solution for buildings with insufficient space for a smoke lobby. Because an elevator shaft can serve as a chimney in the event of an emergency, it is imperative to provide a seal between the elevator and the rest of the floor. READ MORE »

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