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Fire protection strategies to guard the safety of both your building and its occupants.

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  • Achieving Effective Atrium Smoke Control
    WEDNESDAY, DEC 17, 2014
    Adding an atrium to your building provides considerable appeal both in design and function. However, large, open spaces prove to be quite a challenge when it comes to smoke and...
  • Assessing Passive Smoke Management Systems
    FRIDAY, DEC 12, 2014
    The options are plentiful when it comes to configuring a passive smoke management system. Therefore it is imperative to comprehensively evaluate the entire system to ensure compliance of smoke protection...
  • UL 10D: Testing Details
    TUESDAY, DEC 09, 2014
    UL 10D is the new standard for the testing of fire curtain protection assemblies. While testing is important for all safety measures included in a building, fire and smoke protection...
  • Smoke Rated Curtains as Passive Smoke Barriers
    TUESDAY, NOV 25, 2014
    Fire and smoke rated curtains are being used to protect openings into atrium spaces for surrounding floors. Automatically deployed flexible fabric curtains can provide vertical barriers at the atrium edges...
  • UL 10D: The Benefits
    THURSDAY, NOV 20, 2014
    As you may have heard, in the beginning of 2014, UL 10D became the standard for protective fire curtain testing. While it may not sound like that big of a...