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Fire protection strategies to guard the safety of both your building and its occupants.

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  • Fire & Smoke Rated Curtain System Applications: Historic Buildings
    SUNDAY, AUG 24, 2014
    Historic Buildings are usually grandfathered in to old building codes. Therefore, fire and smoke protection is usually lacking greatly. When trying to increase the safety of historical buildings there are...
  • Fire & Smoke Rated Curtain System Applications: Metro Stations & Subways
    FRIDAY, AUG 22, 2014
    Mass transportation is undergoing large surges in growth in large metropolitan areas as the need to connect urban areas with surrounding transit points increases. Metro stations are usually incredibly crowded...
  • Fire & Smoke Rated Curtain System Applications: Museums
    WEDNESDAY, AUG 20, 2014
    Similar to atriums, museum typically consist of large, open spaces. Plus, with museums, design aesthetics are incredibly important. Besides the architectural facets of a museum, it is also important to...
  • Fire & Smoke Rated Curtain System Applications: Atriums
    TUESDAY, AUG 19, 2014
    Building atriums create a unique obstacle when it comes to fire safety. They are very aesthetically pleasing, but large open spaces require extra attention to fulfill all fire safety building...
  • Why Smoke Guard?
    SUNDAY, JUL 27, 2014
    Whether you are doing renovations or starting new construction, it is imperative to adhere to all fire safety building codes. However, just because there are codes to abide by doesn’t...