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Fire protection strategies to guard the safety of both your building and its occupants.

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  • Smoke Control in High-Rise Buildings: Part 1
    FRIDAY, JUN 20, 2014
    Very tall buildings have several unique characteristics that increase the severity of potential fire events including higher occupancy, longer evacuation times, access issues for responders and potential water pressure/availability issues...
  • Replacing the Traditional Fire Door: Airport Concourses
    WEDNESDAY, JUN 18, 2014
    Traditional fire doors used to be the only option to secure areas from fire and smoke. These doors take up valuable space in hallways and lobbies and can easily be...
  • Replacing the Traditional Fire Door: Hospitals
    MONDAY, JUN 16, 2014
    The International Building Code (IBC) provides the rules and regulations that are most widely adopted in the United States. These construction and design codes provide fire door regulations to ensure...
  • Smoke Guard Solutions vs. Opaque Track-Based Curtains
    MONDAY, JUN 02, 2014
    Enclosing elevators shafts with proper smoke and fire protection is crucial to building safety and code satisfaction. However, depending on which application you choose, there can be varying design implications...
  • Alternatives to Enclosed Elevator Lobbies: Part 4
    SATURDAY, MAY 31, 2014
    To wrap up this series on enclosed elevator lobby alternatives, we want to address the temporary enclosed elevator lobby that can be created through the use of accordion doors. Accordion...