Company Description

Smoke Guard manufactures fire and smoke-rated protection solutions to control the spread of smoke and fire through elevator shafts, stairwells, corridors, and other openings in a building. You’ll find the fire and smoke protective technologies we’ve developed are not only highly effective, but also nearly invisible when not in use, as well as economic in their use of space.

Our products are sold through exclusive distributors, primarily in the US, but we have no shortage of international distributors and are bringing flexible smoke and fire solutions to people all over the world. We are the only fire and smoke protection solution that is manufactured and assembled in the United States.  We’re community-minded like that, which is why we also provide technical support in the installation and service of our products. 

Smoke Guard is a wholly owned subsidiary of Capitol Southwest Industrials, a Dallas-based diversified industrial growth company specializing in the acquisition of industry-leading businesses across three segments: Industrial Products; Coatings, Sealants & Adhesives; and Specialty Chemicals.

Vision Statement

Smoke Guard, Inc. will be a provider of unique Life Safety products serving the constructed environment as well as other markets requiring fire and smoke protection. These markets will recognize Smoke Guard, Inc. as providing products of choice due to their aesthetic appeal and total delivered value.

Growth Strategy

Smoke Guard intends to grow primarily through the internal development and licensing of proprietary or unique technology related to fire and smoke barriers for the constructed environment as well as for other markets needing similar protection. This growth will be augmented by acquisitions that expand the product offerings to our existing markets or provide entrees into new related markets. In addition, we will consider acquisition or licensing of proprietary building products that contribute to LEED and fit existing distribution channels.

Acquisition Criteria

  • We are interested in products or companies possessing proprietary or unique technology in either the smoke / fire barrier markets or secondarily related to LEED building products. The typical company / product that will be considered will have demonstrated both revenue and profit growth over a multi year period.

  • Desired acquisitions will be in the $500,000 to $2,000,000 range, normally will be structured as an asset purchase, and will be a cash purchase.

  • Smoke Guard has skills in dealing with independent certification laboratories as well as influencing national building codes and standards. We will provide this expertise to smaller / newer companies looking to break into these regulated markets.

  • The acquisition may be limited to the technology and intellectual property, or may include physical assets (manufacturing space, staff, etc). We are flexible regarding current personnel assigned to the acquisition, but normally desire for management to stay in place.

  • Smoke Guard is willing to license proprietary designs from foreign manufacturer’s seeking to enter the US market that would complement our current product offering and utilize our existing distribution channels.