What is a draft curtain?

The SG draft curtain is one of our best-selling products. However, many people are unfamiliar to the true function of a draft curtain.


Unlike your elevator smoke barrier, a draft curtain helps to funnel smoke to venting or exhaust systems rather than providing a full enclosure. Because of this function, the SG draft curtain is ideal for warehouses, manufacturing environments, airplane hangars, and other large, open spaces.


The SG draft curtain serves to limit the spread of smoke and can funnel smoke toward roof vents. The draft curtain works very well in tandem with a sprinkler system and can also be installed in environments that do not require sprinklers. The SG draft curtain is made of a glass-filament fabric that is non-combustible and smoke tight. It is available in a variety of sizes to custom fit your space.


For more information on the SG draft curtain and how it could help your space, give our specialists a call today.