Product Spotlight: Model 1500

Smoke containment is a high priority for fire protection engineers. The M1500 Smoke Curtain provides smoke control for entire buildings by strategically closing off hallways and other spaces that could otherwise be a conduit for smoke to spread. While fire doors are bulky and mechanical smoke containment systems require regular maintenance, the M1500 is lightweight, easy to conceal after installation and available in customized sizes that make it a perfect fit for any space. Architects who utilize M1500 Smoke Curtains in concert with other smoke guard products do not need to compromise their design to provide adequate fire protection.


The M1500 is most commonly used to seal elevator lobbies, wall openings and atriums. When a fire occurs, the curtain responds to a building's existing smoke detection system. The curtain is powered by the building's electrical system, but can also be connected to a structure's standby power system or utilize backup battery power. The curtain is installed inside the ceiling, and is virtually invisible prior to deployment. Two unobtrusive metal guide rails are integrated into the walls, which ensures the curtain will deploy smoothly and form a firm seal. Sensors prevent the system from deploying if the curtain's path is obstructed.


Customized dimensions allow engineers to tailor their M1500 Smoke Curtains to their current project. The curtain can seal openings between six and 12 feet wide and up 12 feet tall. It can be integrated into existing fire protection systems and help a building's designers cut down on traditional smoke control methods, including mechanical evacuation systems. The M1500 provides building occupants with time to exit a building during an emergency.