Achieving Code Compliance: How to Avoid 3 Common Mistakes

It’s no surprise that code compliance can make or break your project. Even expert builders and architects run into mistakes that cause timeline issues and budget overages.

We interviewed a few building code experts to gain insight into the most common code compliance issues. Our conversations with these experts highlight some of the most common mistakes building professionals encounter in their projects, and the best ways to avoid them entirely.

Bottom Line: Take Advantage of Your Resources

Building codes may not be the easiest to work with, but there are resources out there to help architects navigate the constantly changing codes. By consulting with experts and your local building department, you’ll avoid any last minute surprises in your projects.

But no need to hire a consultant just yet, you can access our conversations with building code experts instantly by downloading our guide, “Ask The Experts: Your Guide to Meeting Building Code Every Time.”

In the comprehensive guide, you’ll learn the tools you need to navigate the codes that apply to your territory. You’ll also read about the common code compliance challenges associated with popular building types and how to apply building codes to the unique situations you may run into during projects.

With this guide, you’ll have the resources you need to get proactive about code compliance.

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