Hotel Fire Safety: Installations, Standards and Tips


Fire is a serious hazard in any setting, and hotel fires are no exception. To ensure the safety of guests and employees, it's important to institute fire safety measures, practice them often and stay up-to-date on fire codes and regulations. A good hotel smoke and fire safety plan is always designed to protect its occupants and the structure of the hotel.

This blog post will provide an overview of fire safety installations, standards and tips for hotel owners.

Common Hotel Fire Hazards

There are several common fire hazards in hotel settings. These include:

  • Clutter: Clutter can easily fuel a fire, so it's important to keep hotel rooms and common areas clean and organized.
  • Smoking: Smoking is the leading cause of hotel fires, so be sure to enforce smoke-free policies and provide adequate smoking areas.
  • Candles: Lit candles are a major fire hazard, so they should be used sparingly in hotel rooms.
  • Electrical equipment: Appliances and electrical cords should be properly maintained and kept away from water sources.
  • Layout: Hotel guests aren’t typically familiar with the building, so they might have difficulty finding the nearest exit.

Hotel Fire Safety Standards

All hotels must comply with the International Fire Code (IFC). The IFC sets standards for fire safety in buildings. Some of these standards include having:

  • A fire alarm system
  • Sprinklers in all guest rooms and common areas
  • Exit signs visible from all parts of the hotel
  • Hotel Fire Safety Checklist

Additional basic safety measures would include:

  • Hallway, door and stairwell obstructions can easily become a hazard during an emergency and should be kept clear.
  • Hotels should establish and post a fire evacuation plan throughout the building for the safety of their employees and guests.
  • According to local code requirements, staff should be regularly trained to respond to fires through practice drills.
  • All contact information for the fire response team should also be memorized and readily posted for reference in case of an event.

Hotel Fire Safety Installations


In addition to the precautions listed above, you should consider installing professionally designed smoke and fire curtains in the areas of the hotel as required by building code.

Smoke and fire curtains will work with your existing smoke control system equipment and allow you greater design flexibility, freeing up space for people instead of mechanical equipment.

The areas where these mitigation devices would be of greatest benefit include elevators, atriums and restaurant/bar spaces.



Elevator shafts present a serious hazard to guests and staff when smoke is present. The natural tendency of smoke to rise makes an unprotected elevator shaft the perfect conduit for its spread throughout other floors of the building. Your elevator doors are fire-rated by code. Adding an elevator smoke containment curtain helps reduce the spread of smoke through the hotel.

When smoke is detected, the curtains automatically deploy to shield the door opening and seal the shaft. However, anyone inside the elevator can easily egress by pushing the curtain aside. The curtain will automatically return to its safety position and reattach to the elevator frame. When the building's alarm is reset, the curtain can be returned to its armed position above the elevator door.



Atriums are often considered one of the main selling points for a hotel — they can be large and vaulted, and extend through multiple floors. However, this beauty comes at a cost: these areas can be difficult to protect against fire and smoke damage.

One way to create a smoke control system without compromising an atrium’s appearance is to use fire and smoke-rated perimeter curtains. For taller atriums, horizontal smoke curtains can be deployed automatically from barely noticeable openings in ceilings and walls, sectioning off the space for smoke control and retracting such that they don’t interfere with the aesthetic.

Some vertical curtains are fully customizable to perfectly seal any elevator opening in an event space. Certain manufacturers also make vertical curtains that are out-of-sight when not in use, so they won’t compromise the visual aesthetics of a building — the perfect solution for those wanting to upgrade an older building without compromising its look.

4 Tips for Hotel Owners

Follow these helpful tips to ensure your hotel is prepared in the event of a fire and smoke event.

1. Test Alarms and Conduct Fire Drills

It is important for hotel management to ensure that the fire alarm system is regularly tested. Most systems can be easily tested through the control panel.

2. Make Sure the Staff Knows the Emergency Action Plan

Hotel management must supply every employee with an emergency action plan to ensure that everyone knows the closest exit routes and what fire procedures are in place.

3. Fire Extinguishers Should Be Close at Hand

You should have multi-purpose extinguishers in your hotel that are rated for small fires that involve wood, paper oils and gasses. They should be placed at approximately 75-foot intervals throughout the building, according to OSHA guidelines.

4. Inspect Your Building Regularly

Annual fire safety inspections are crucial for hotels, but many still neglect these services. By not keeping up with your fire-safety system, you're jeopardizing the equipment and putting yourself at risk for faulty equipment down the line.

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