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Find Your Finish with Smoke Guard

Smoke Guard offers a variety of finishes to fit the décor and design of pretty much any building. Not only do we offer stainless steel and custom colors, but also supply DI-NOC finishes. READ MORE »

Why do elevators need smoke protection?

Most modern buildings have elevators to aid in the transportation of visitors and tenants to upper floors as well as help disabled persons navigate various floors. While elevators are convenient, they can be quite problematic in the event of an emergency if not secured properly with smoke safety measures. READ MORE »

Potential Issues with Elevator Curtain Side Guides

Smoke Guard manufactures and installs smoke curtains for elevator openings. One of the differences between Smoke Guard’s solutions and the competitors include magnetic seals on the curtain edges. Other elevator smoke curtains require side guides to be built into the elevator frame allowing for various potential issues READ MORE »

Fire & Smoke Rated Curtain System Applications: Convention Centers

The root of a convention center is usually just one giant room. However, that room can take many shapes depending on the event through the use of moveable walls. When creating a system for smoke and fire control for a convention center it is imperative you consider the most extreme situation. READ MORE »

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