Company FAQ

Where are the headquarters for Smoke Guard located?

Smoke Guard originated in and continues to operate out of Boise, Idaho. Here in Idaho we enjoy active outdoor lifestyles and a beautiful view of the Boise foothills to the east of our plant. The climate is high mountain desert affording us great weather throughout the year.

How long has Smoke Guard been in business?

Smoke Guard has a long and rich history that you can read about in detail here. Long story short, we’ve been in business since 1991 and just recently celebrated our 25th anniversary. We’ve been around the block, and with over 50,000 units installed worldwide we’re proud to call ourselves industry leaders in flexible fire and smoke-rated protection experience and expertise.

What types of occupancies are smoke and fire curtains most necessary in?

Smoke Guard’s assortment of smoke and fire curtains are the perfect solution to the rigorous fire code standards enforced in hospitals, hotels, senior care, apartment high-rise occupancies, prisons, and buildings without sprinklers, but these are only the most common examples. Fire and smoke curtains have the potential to eliminate elevator lobbies and make atria code compliant without compromising aesthetics or safety. This added level of architectural freedom is a worthy consideration for almost any building project.

What is the installation process, and how long does it take?

Installation time and complexity will vary greatly according to the product. Our standard models like the M200 and M400 can be quickly and easily installed at a rate of 4 per day on average. Custom models, like the M4000, are more labor intensive, and installation time will vary greatly according to your needs. A casual installation of an excellent product yields a casual result. Smoke Guard doesn’t accept casual or hope for the best; we insist on excellence.

How is the Smoke Guard system distributed in the United States?

The strength of our American distributor network is unmatched in the industry, a system born of decades of experience, training, and steadfast relationships. To find a distributor near you, please click here. Smoke Guard also has a technical services group that provides coverage in states and abroad in locations where we have not established a distributor relationship.

How is the Smoke Guard system distributed internationally?

In order to provide that same industry leading quality on a global scale Smoke Guard has allied itself with several international distribution companies in select hotspots around the globe. In areas outside the coverage of those distributors we send our own Smoke Guard technicians to ensure consistent quality.

Who do I contact to get an estimate for unit costs?

Pricing is handled exclusively by our distributors, so your local distributor is who you’ll need to contact about quotes. To find a distributor near you click here.

How can I contact somebody at Smoke Guard directly?

You can reach us in any of the following ways: Physical Address: 287 N. Maple Grove Boise, Idaho 83704 Customer Service: 800.574.0330 Technical Services: 800.215.6138 E-mail: