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Smoke Guard Systems provides fire and smoke protection for the following institutions:

Flexible Fire and Smoke Protection

Smoke Guard provides innovative and aesthetically appealing fire and smoke protection systems to fit any purpose and any opening in your building

Our complete range of curtain systems is flexible - both physically and in application. Our protective systems can cover any opening, from small dimension dumbwaiters and pass-through counters to expansive atrium spaces and proscenium curtains for theater stage spaces.

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*Products only deploy on alarm.

The Cost Savings of Elevator Smoke Curtains

A fire can cause a considerable amount of damage, but it isn't just the flames that cause problems. The smoke that comes with fires is also hazardous and damaging. Due…

Fire Protection Systems for Archives and Records

Archives and records have an increased risk of fire- and smoke-related damage, more than many other materials. The nature of most archives and records often means that they consist of…

How Fast Does a Building Fire Spread?

Fire is something that should never be underestimated, especially when it relates to buildings and structures. It is crucial to understand just how fast fire spreads in a building, regardless…

Office Smoke Control System Designs

Smoke Partition Curtain - Atrium Separation | Smoke Guard A lot of thought and planning goes into designing an optimal office environment. It is a place where your employees will…

Understanding the Differences Between Fire Partitions and Fire Barriers

Building codes require fire barriers to be installed in various parts of a building to help stop and block the spread of flames and smoke. Both fire partitions and fire…

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