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Innovative Fire and Smoke Containment

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Flexible Fire and Smoke Protection

Smoke Guard provides innovative and aesthetically appealing fire and smoke protection systems to fit any purpose and any opening in your building

Our complete range of curtain systems is flexible - both physically and in application. Our protective systems can cover any opening, from small dimension dumbwaiters and pass-through counters to expansive atrium spaces and proscenium curtains for theater stage spaces.

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*Products only deploy on alarm.

Implementing Routine Fire-Risk Assessments in the Workplace

Fires are one of the most frightening and potentially devastating events that can happen in the workplace. According to statistics gathered by U.S. Fire Administration, roughly 100,000 fires occur in...

Improving Warehouse Fire Safety With Draft Curtains

Source Your warehouse may not be as secure against a fire as you think. While all warehouses must be designed to comply with fire safety codes and align with standard...

Strategies for Safer Designs: Event Spaces

One of the most challenging spaces to design is event rooms. These multi-use rooms need to be able to accommodate a wide variety of functions, which can make architects and...

What Are Smoke Curtains and How Do They Work?

Source Fire safety systems are a necessary and important feature for every building. While annual fire safety inspections show that your building meets local safety codes, these inspections only ensure...

How to Incorporate Fire Protection Into Your Flexible Design

Inspired partly by the desire to protect our environment and partly by the need to maximize a building’s life cycle, architects, designers and building owners alike are pushing the envelope...

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