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Innovative Fire and Smoke Containment

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Flexible Fire and Smoke Protection

Smoke Guard provides innovative and aesthetically appealing fire and smoke protection systems to fit any purpose and any opening in your building

Our complete range of curtain systems is flexible - both physically and in application. Our protective systems can cover any opening, from small dimension dumbwaiters and pass-through counters to expansive atrium spaces and proscenium curtains for theater stage spaces.

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*Products only deploy on alarm.

Strategies for Fire Protection: Safer College Campuses

College campuses and dormitories are some of the most high-traffic and high-risk spaces that architects design. Many buildings on campus are accessible (and busy) around the clock, and college students...

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Designing for Human Behavior: Fire Safety Considerations

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Strategies for a Safer, Healthier Retirement Community

As Baby Boomers hit retirement age (and beyond), the demand for retirement living may soon be at an all-time high. The number of seniors worldwide is projected to increase by...

Implementing Routine Fire-Risk Assessments in the Workplace

Fires are one of the most frightening and potentially devastating events that can happen in the workplace. According to statistics gathered by U.S. Fire Administration, roughly 100,000 fires occur in...

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