UL 10D: Testing Details

UL 10D is the new standard for the testing of fire curtain protection assemblies. While testing is important for all safety measures included in a building, fire and smoke protection is especially crucial.  Therefore, it is important to know the details behind testing standards as to understand how to properly utilize certain fire curtains in the construction or renovation of your building.

UL 10D uses the same time and temperature curve as UL 10C testing for door assemblies: approaching or exceeding 2000⁰ F over a two hour test period. 

Obviously a testing environment can only test so many variables. Therefore, it is imperative to understand that variables such as ventilation, compartment size and configuration can affect the performance of a fire curtain in a real-life situation. UL 10D is only meant to show a representation of how the fire curtains will withstand extreme fire. For these reasons, it is crucial to consult a fire protection consultant to ensure your building can meet and exceed fire regulations.