Replacing the Traditional Fire Door: Air Traffic Control Towers

In continuing our series on the replacement of traditional fire doors we are going to dive deeper into airport solutions. However, instead of focusing on the main concourses, we are going to discuss options for air traffic control towers.

Air traffic control towers need to be handled a bit differently than main concourses when it comes to smoke and fire containment. After all, air traffic controllers have their own safety as well as the safety of any planes trying to land to take into consideration. For that matter, the fire and smoke containment requirements are a little more intense.

Air traffic control centers must be protected in the event of a fire to prevent any issues in the air with arriving and departing planes. Smoke and fire curtains from Smoke Guard can create a safe zone and buy critical time for controllers. These curtains can be linked to a fire alarm systems for automatic deployment or can be manually deployed.

Most importantly, modern curtain technology allows for an easy exit for air traffic controllers once all airborne traffic is handled appropriately. Smoke Guard can help keep an air traffic control team online even in the event of a fire. With deployable and flexible smoke and fire curtains, Smoke Guard can provide a unique smoke containment solution while fulfilling all code requirements. Give one of our representatives a call today to learn more.