Alternatives to Elevator Pressurization

Elevator shaft pressurization is often proposed as an alternative to enclosed elevator lobbies. Fire curtains and doors have a stigma of being ugly, cumbersome and intrusive on design aesthetics. However, with today’s materials that is quite the opposite.

Elevator or stairwell pressurization may sound good on paper, but when it comes down to implementation it becomes quite tricky. It is a complex and expensive smoke management system that requires intricate programming and engineering. Furthermore, it frequently doesn’t work well given such a wide range of temperature differentials.

Fire curtains and custom fire doors from Smoke Guard can keep expenses down while providing excellent smoke and fire protection for your building. Plus, with our variety of finishes and materials, we can help find an option for you that stays out of site when not in use and doesn’t impede with the design. Give us a call today to learn more.