Why do elevators need smoke protection?

Most modern buildings have elevators to aid in the transportation of visitors and tenants to upper floors as well as help disabled persons navigate various floors. While elevators are convenient, they can be quite problematic in the event of an emergency if not secured properly with smoke safety measures.

Due to the fact that elevator shafts open to all floors in a building they can end up serving as a chimney in the event of a fire. If not properly secured, smoke can seep from lower floors making it difficult for upper floors to evacuate safely.  

By installing deployable smoke curtains at elevator openings, contractors can keep smoke contained to the source floor. This will allow people to evacuate safely and also can lessen damage to the building.

Smoke Guard provides a variety of smoke containment options when it comes to elevator openings. Give us a call today and one of our experienced consultants can provide you with plenty of choices!