Performance Standards of the Model 4000

The Model 4000 is now able to provide unsurpassed flexibility when it comes to fire protection and building design. For a long time, the need for corner posts or columns have put constraints on atrium design due to fire code requirements. However, this deployable perimeter curtain creates an enclosure of fire-rated curtains surrounding large openings such as a grand staircase.


Despite being a great benefit to design, what’s most impressive about the Model 4000 is its effectiveness. The Model 4000 holds the following performance standards:

  • 120-minute UL 10D “Fire Tests for Fire Protective Curtains”

  • 20-minute UL 10C “Positive Pressure Fire Tests of Door Assemblies”

  • 20-minute UL 10B “Five Tests of Door Assemblies”

  • 20-minute NFPA 252 “Standard Methods of Fire Tests of Door Assemblies”

  • UL 864 “Control Unites for Fire Protective Signaling Systems”

  • ASTM E 84 Class A “Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials”


For more information on implementing a Model 4000 in one of your building projects, contact the professionals at Smoke Guard today. We can help develop a configuration that not only meets all code requirements but effortlessly integrates into your building’s design.