Comparing M2500 and M2100

At a first glance, the Model 2100 and Model 2500 may seem identical. However, depending on the space you would like to protect, each has its own specific application.


The similarities between these models include:

  • Two sub models available - standard Smoke protection and Fire + Smoke protection

  • Smoke model is 2 hour Fire Endurance rated and complies with UL 10D standard

  • Fire + Smoke system is rated to UL 1784 according to the requirements of smoke and draft control assemblies defined in NFPA 105

  • Emergency power source can power the unit for up to 18 hours after the loss of primary power


When it comes to differences, it depends on the opening you will need to protect. The M2100 covers openings up to 20 feets wide and 12 feet tall. The M2500, on the other hand, protects openings up to 40 feet wide and 20 feet tall. The ability to protect such a large space makes the M2500 the perfect choice for atrium separation and large wall openings.


If you would like to know which model is perfect for your project, give the experts at Smoke Guard a call today. We can help you find the perfect solution to meet all codes without impacting design.