Transparency is Key in Elevator Protection

When it comes to smoke control surrounding elevators, transparency is important when it comes to standards and smoke ratings. However, transparency is also important when it comes to the fabric itself!

Smoke Guard’s Model 400 and Model 600 are our flagship products when it comes to smoke control at elevator openings. These products are manufactured in an orange, sheer material. Many of you may be thinking it doesn’t matter what the fabric looks like as long as it does its job. However, if you are ever trapped in an elevator during an emergency, you may think differently.

The ability to see through our products when they are deployed adds a great level of comfort in the event of an emergency. Once the elevator doors are opened, anyone inside the elevator can see out to figure out the best time to egress. Meanwhile, emergency crews can easily see in without opening the deployed curtains.

While it may not seem like a big deal in installation, keep in mind that the fabric of your smoke curtain can be a big help in the event of an emergency. If you are looking into elevator protection for a new project or even a remodel, give the experts at Smoke Guard a call today.