Fire Resistant Curtains for Airports

When it comes to fire safety, airports provide a unique challenge. Not only do they have large open spaces similar to building atriums, but they also require compartmentalized secure spaces due to TSA requirements. Therefore, the ability to securely section off smoke and fire in the case of an emergency is a necessity.

By installing a fire resistant curtain system, you can adequately section off the source of smoke or fire while maintaining egress routes and securing important personnel. An air traffic control tower, for example, can’t be evacuated immediately considering the safety of those in the air rely on the air traffic controllers.

Fire resistant curtains have a variety of smoke and fire ratings so it is important to use the models that will provide the proper safety for the airport/concourse size and traffic flow. By segmenting airports through fire resistant curtains, the prospect of tackling a smoke or fire emergency is much more manageable.

For more information on utilizing fire curtains within an airport application, call Smoke Guard today. Our fire protection specialists can customize a solution for your needs and answer any questions you may have.