Product Spotlight: Model 200 Smoke Curtain

The Model 200 is a great supplement to the fire-rated doors used in nearly every elevator. This smoke-rated opening protective provides code-compliant draft, smoke and fire control. The M200 smoke curtain serves to slow the spread of smoke through a burning structure by separating the elevator shaft from the rest of the floor.

This particular model features simple installation in most environment and can easily integrate with existing fire and smoke protection systems. The curtain is installed into the hoist way above the elevator and is mostly invisible when not deployed. This model does not require side guides, but instead magnetically seals with two rails mounted on the sides of the elevator opening.

One of the greatest benefits to implementing this solution over something more obtrusive is the unique transparent material. Not only does this enable emergency personnel to assess the situation more easily, but also allows those in the elevator to easily egress.