Model 600 Smoke Curtain

For fire protection engineers who want to provide architects with the utmost freedom when designing elevator lobbies, the M600 Smoke Curtain is an ideal solution. The dimensions of the M600 are fully customizable, which allows it to seal nearly any opening. In tandem with the fire-rated doors used on most elevators, the M600 provides comprehensive control against the rapid spread of smoke and fire, which lets building occupants evacuate safely during an emergency situation.

The M600 can be integrated into a building's existing electrical system and contains a separate battery for backup power. When a building's smoke alarms are triggered or the building power cuts out for a set amount of time, the curtain deploys vertically from a concealed ceiling mount. Flexible metal rails guide the curtain downward and ensure a strong seal against the elevator door. If people inside the elevator need to exit the doorway after the curtains deploy, they can utilize the retraction buttons on either side of the curtain. Smoke Guard's elevator smoke curtains use a unique transparent material that ensures elevator passengers will not exit the elevator in a dangerous area. 

While the M200 and M400 curtains are available in a range of set sizes, the M600 can be produced in custom dimensions that provide an effective fit on nearly any elevator opening. They offer unparalleled smoke and fire containment without altering a building's aesthetics or function before deployment.