Smoke Guard Makes Renovating Easy

Aging high-rises are looking for a facelift all over the country. Whether for residential or commercial use, Smoke Guard provides a myriad of solutions to reclaim elevator lobbies and integrate seamless smoke curtains.

At some point, older buildings undergo tenant improvements which trigger current code compliance. Complicating matters, older buildings typically have more narrow corridors which would require significant construction to create an elevator lobby or would have to use an “additional door” method.  This method requires that the swing of a fire-rated door mounted at the elevator must be less than 1.5 times the width of the corridor. Today’s construction places a huge emphasis on preserving valuable square footage so the additional door method is not ideal.

The Smoke Guard Model 200 is the perfect opening protective for elevator openings. This smoke-rated curtain gasket above the hoistway and doesn’t require side guides. For that reason, integrating into an existing design is simple.

For more information on how to easily renovate an aging high-rise while meeting life safety requirement in the building code, give the experts at Smoke Guard a call today.