The Advantages of Deployable Fire Partitions

Flexible fire and smoke partitions provide many advantages over a stand-alone, complex, smoke exhaust system. Not only do deployable fire partitions provide effective protection around elevators as well as integrated into an atrium design, but they do so at reduced costs.


Fire partitions work to compartmentalize smoke and fire before they can spread throughout a structure. They are lightweight and do not typically need structural reinforcement when being installed. Because of this fact, a fire partition rarely impedes on the design of a building or atrium.


As a passive smoke management system, fire partitions use less energy than a full-blown smoke exhaust system. If a more active smoke management system is required, however, fire partitions can be used to subdivide space served by a mechanical smoke exhaust system. Through a properly designed smoke control system, smoke partitions can work in conjunction with other safety elements of the building.


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