Smoke Guard Continues to Innovate

Here at Smoke Guard, we like to listen to our customers and continue to innovate as our products fit specific applications. Most specifically, as the sales of the M2100 and the M2500 smoke curtains have increased, we have been making small tweaks to make sure we are offering you the most appropriate and robust vertical curtain system for your specific application.

For that reason, the M2100 will only be available in widths from 3 ft to 16 ft and 1 foot to 12 feet in drop length. The reason for this change is that we have found that as curtain width increase, the M2500 system is better suited to carry the larger curtain loads. Now, that doesn’t mean anyone with a M2100 over the width of 16 feet should feel any less confident with their system, but moving forward, we feel this is right step.

Our engineering team has been working on other exciting modifications. We are currently testing an M2100 system with an optional edge sensor and also altering the minimum and maximum width of the M2500. The current limitations site at a minimum of 3 feet and a maximum of 40 feet.