Integrating Smoke Curtains with Elevator Recall

When installing smoke curtains at an elevator hoistway, it is imperative to consider elevator recall. However, in order to ensure proper installation, we must discuss the true meaning of elevator recall.


During the event of a fire emergency, elevator recall moves the elevator to the predetermined recall level and locks in place for the use of emergency personnel. In case smoke is detected on the primary recall floor, the elevator will return to the secondary recall level.


One of the main ways Smoke Guard smoke curtains separate themselves from the competition is through their integration with smoke detectors immediately outside the elevator doors. Instead of requiring a connection with the main fire control panel, Smoke Guard smoke curtains have the ability to connect to the smoke detectors right outside the elevator door enabling the curtains to deploy when the elevators go into recall.


The main benefit is for occupants of the building. By deploying when the elevators go into recall, occupants will not encounter a smoke curtain when exiting an elevator car. Plus, by creating a connection with the local smoke detector, the smoke curtain will deploy only when smoke is actively detected rather than on a general alarm.


For more information on the benefits of Smoke Guard smoke curtains, give our specialists a call today.