Fixed Smoke Solutions for Industrial Spaces

It is common knowledge that building atriums are problematic when it comes to smoke and fire protection. An atrium poses only a fraction of the complications that a warehouse or manufacturing environment can encounter, however.


Warehouses, airplane hangars, and manufacturing environments have strict requirements when it comes to fire protection. Depending on the building's contents those requirements can vary greatly. However, for the most part, draft curtains are an integral part of a more elaborate smoke management system.


The SG Draft Curtain is a cost-effective, static curtain strategy. They can be used in both sprinklered and non-sprinklered buildings and serve to channel the ceiling jet from the fire and out of the building via roof vents.


For more information on how to integrate the SG Draft Curtain into your warehouse environment, give our technical specialists a call. Our Smoke Guard team can provide you with the tools you need to ensure all codes are met.