Smoke Guard Solutions vs. Opaque Track-Based Curtains: Part 1

Enclosing elevators shafts with proper smoke and fire protection is crucial to building safety and code satisfaction. However, depending on which application you choose, there can be varying design implications and limitations.

It today’s post we are going to discuss a couple characteristics that differentiate the protection Smoke Guard provides at the elevator versus track-based competitors for the same application.

Side Guides:

  • Smoke Guard solutions include a magnetic connection with minimal impact on an elevator. Plus, a rewind switch is mounted on both sides of the screen.

  • Track-based competitors have a side guide track system that requires an architect and/or contractor to integrate into elevator finish design.

System Projections:

  • Smoke Guard’s elevator opening protectives are imperceptible below the elevator door head. They are ideal for Class A office space.

  • Track-based competitors have side guides and housing that is surface mounted. It is adequate for Class C office space.