Smoke Guard Solutions vs. Opaque Track-Based Curtains: Part 3

Enclosing elevators shafts with proper smoke and fire protection is crucial to building safety and code satisfaction. However, depending on which application you choose, there can be varying design implications and limitations.

It today’s post we are going to discuss some different characteristics that differentiate the protection Smoke Guard provides at the elevator versus track-based competitors for the same application.


  • Smoke Guard’s elevator smoke curtains are tested and certified for mounting heights 12’ tall and out to 8’ wide.

  • Track-based competitors are not certified for installation higher than 9’ 6” tall or 6’ 6” wide. Plus, 2013 elevator code prohibits penetration or alteration of the elevator door or frame, unless that systems is tested in its entirety with those alteration (ASME A17.1)



  • Smoke Guard manufactures all products in the United States. Warranties are serviced by local distributors and backed by the manufacturer in Boise, Idaho. Our dedicated distributor network provides local hands-on accountability.

  • Track-based competitors are manufactured in Europe and provide little to no warranty coverage in the United States. Their distributor network covers only portions of the U.S.