Innovating the M4000 Smoke & Fire Curtain

While a common configuration for the M4000 smoke and fire curtain is an enclosed square or rectangle, the side panels can actually be joined at angles ranging from 30 to 150 degrees. This allows our technical specialists to create a custom polygon to fit your building’s shape and design needs.


Not only can we create custom shapes to fit your grand staircases or multi-level atriums, Smoke Guard has added a “Super Sensor” to detect obstructions when deploying. Deployable curtains are a great way to allow patrons safe egress during the event of an emergency. However, by deploying in conjunction to smoke and fire alarms, it is possible for obstructions to exist, whether a patron or furniture. That’s where the Super Sensor comes in.


The “Super Sensor” will stop upon contact with an obstruction. It will then try to redeploy up to 5 times. If the obstruction is not moved within those 5 attempts, the curtain will come to rest upon the obstruction providing partial protection.

To view this technology in action, check out the video below: