Conquering Atrium Separation with the M3000

Atriums provide quite the obstacle when it comes to fire safety within a building. They can be so beautiful and open, but without the proper safety measures in place, meeting all code requirements will be tricky.


At Smoke Guard, we recognized this issue and decided to manufacture products to do something about it. Our Model 3000 horizontal smoke curtain segments multi-story atriums and makes the process of atrium separation a little more manageable. The horizontal smoke curtain allows designers to place a smoke curtain at upper levels that open to the atrium. Therefore, in the event of an emergency, the curtain will create a makeshift ceiling to block the upper level(s) from smoke or fire.


One of the largest benefits of using the M3000 is that it greatly reduces or eliminates the needs for a mechanical smoke evacuation system. As we all know, those systems can be incredibly costly not only to install, but also to maintain. For mor information on integrating a horizontal fire rated curtain in your atrium design, give us a call today!