Convenience Stairs and Building Codes

When it comes to securing stairwells and meeting fire codes, grand staircases in multi-level atriums seem to get all the attention. However, grand staircases are really nothing more than convenience stairs with a little extra design.

Common in many office buildings, convenience stairs can connect departments that work together consistently making collaboration easier. Convenience stairs can connect any floors within a building but are typically not separated with a fire door like an emergency exit. Because they are not sealed off from the rest of the building, convenience stairs can be troublesome when trying to meet building codes. 

A perimeter smoke curtain can reduce the size of a mechanical smoke system while maintaining the design intent of a convenience stair. Without corner posts, this vertically deploying smoke curtain can help create a compartment around convenience stairs in the event of a fire or smoke emergency. 

If you are looking at adding convenience stairs to your building, give Smoke Guard a call we can help design a perimeter curtain to fit your needs while ensuring you are up to code.