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Hose Stream 2100

The Smoke Guard Hose Stream 2100 (HS2100) is a code-compliant, listed fire-resistance-rated textile curtain system, designed to protect openings in all rated wall types (including fire walls, fire barriers and smoke barriers). HS2100 meets air leakage requirements of UL 1784 and the fire endurance and hose stream of UL 10B. It consists of dual textile curtain assemblies housed within paired steel housings suited for overhead or face mounting at the wall opening.

HS2100 Cutaway Detail
HS2100 Cutaway Detail
HS2100 Design Details
HS2100 Design Details
HS2100 ISO View
HS2100 ISO View

Technical Details

  • Codes and Standards

    HS2100 fulfills IBC requirements for an opening protective in any wall, whether a requirement for fire protection, smoke protection, or both. This fire + smoke-rated curtain system can serve as an opening protective in rated occupancy separation walls, fire service access elevator lobby doors, fire-rated corridors, exit access passageways, atrium protection, and more.

  • Clear Opening Sizes

    Openings up to 12'-0”W x 12'-0”H

  • Housing Dimensions

    6 3⁄8"H x 6¼”D

  • Electrical Control and Emergency Power Source

    The system is deployed on an alarm signal from the local smoke detector, heat detector, or from a fire control panel. Electrical power requirement is 120/240VAC. The unit is also
    equipped with a 24VDC battery back-up system that is maintained by the electronic controls.
    When required, the system can also be connected to building standby power. The controls include a universal power supply that can be adapted to international electrical requirements.

  • Fail-Safe Features

    The HS2100 is a gravity fail-safe system - upon total loss of electrical power (including battery power) the curtain will fully deploy to the floor. The control unit monitors the state of curtain deployment, and it features both visual and audible fault-reporting to indicate when a corrective action is required.

  • Optional Egress Buttons

    Wall-mounted egress push-plate buttons may be installed on either or both sides of the system to offer electronically-enabled egress for occupants or first responders. If the system is in alarm state when an egress button is depressed, the curtains will retract to allow passage, then redeploy after a brief pause. The curtains will automatically retract to the ready position when the alarm clears.

  • Listed Releasing Device

    The HS2100 control has been tested in accordance with the UL 864 standard and listed by Intertek Laboratories. An optional keyed test deploy switch is available.

  • Optional Obstruction-Sensing Edge

    Sensors may be added which span the width of each bottom bar to detect any obstructions during deployment. This ensures the safety and effectiveness of the system to remain operational in the event that obstructions are present.