The Cost Savings of Elevator Smoke Curtains

A fire can cause a considerable amount of damage, but it isn't just the flames that cause problems. The smoke that comes with fires is also hazardous and damaging. Due to smoke and the damaging nature of fire, commercial buildings are legally required to have several safety measures in place. The most recognizable safety measures include products like overhead sprinklers, fire alarms and smoke detectors.

Safety measures don't end there, however. Elevator smoke curtains are another vital form of protection that building owners and managers should have in place. The elevator smoke curtain cost may be a concern, but they are worthy investments to protect your building and its occupants.

What Is an Elevator Smoke Curtain?


If there is a fire in a multi-story building, the elevator shaft becomes a chimney of sorts. The smoke from the fire enters the elevator shaft and makes its way upward like a funnel, spreading to other floors rapidly.

Even if the fire has been contained, smoke spread is a considerable safety and health risk. It is not enough to contain the fire; the smoke has to be contained as well, and prevented from spreading. That is where elevator smoke curtains come in.


They are mounted outside the elevator doors and remain tucked away until deployed. Typically, the curtains are connected to a UL-certified smoke detector, which is required by code. If smoke is detected, the curtains will deploy on that level, preventing smoke from getting into the shaft and spreading to the rest of the building.

3 Ways They Can Save You Money

Cost is a major concern for elevator smoke curtains. The initial cost can be high, but it is an investment that can save building managers thousands compared to any damage that could occur.

1. Minimizes Smoke Damage


Smoke can cause as much damage to a building as an actual fire. Without protections in place, it can permeate every part of a building. Considering the nature of smoke, it can easily penetrate walls, insulation and even carpet. In its wake, it leaves charred surfaces and an unpleasant odor. The longer it sits, the harder the problem is to fix, leading to costly repairs and renovations.

With an elevator smoke curtain, smoke is trapped on the origin level and cannot travel through the elevator shaft to reach other floors. This keeps any potential damage contained to a single floor, rather than a whole building–drastically lowering the cost of repairs and cleaning.

2. Protects Building Occupants


The bigger a building is, the longer it takes to evacuate. Smoke makes an already difficult task even harder, so having protections in place will keep it from traveling and give occupants more time to escape.

It also reduces the amount of smoke inhalation that building occupants suffer, which can lead to serious health-related consequences.

3. Do Not Block Egress

Other smoke protection options are large, obtrusive and can potentially block egress from the building which creates serious safety concerns and makes it more difficult for occupants to get to safety.

An elevator smoke curtain provides the necessary protection in a less obtrusive way. The curtain is also easy to push to the side, effectively leaving safe egress accessible.

Smoke Guard Elevator Smoke Curtain

Elevator Smoke Curtains from Smoke Guard work in unison with fire-rated elevator doors to provide the highest protection level. The M200 system is made to fit elevator openings between 42 and 48 inches wide, and the M400 system opening fits openings up to 60 inches wide.


It is a code-abiding, unobtrusive system that doesn't interfere with the elevator door operations. It is connected to a UL-rated smoke detector, which is required at an elevator landing. If smoke is detected, the curtains are deployed on the floor in question. The M200 and M400 systems feature a fail-safe design that is gravity deployed, meaning it will not stop its descent until it touches the floor, while the M600 system is motor-driven for ascent and descent.


The curtains are easy to install and remain out of sight until deployment. Once the fire has been extinguished, and the smoke is gone, the smoke curtains can be rewound. Smoke Guard smoke curtains feature a switch on both sides that rewinds the curtain and returns it to its encasement.

Don't Overlook the Importance of Elevator Smoke Curtains

Curtains are an essential fire and smoke safety precaution for your building. Smoke Guard elevator smoke curtains provide extensive protection, keeping both the building and occupants safe and free from severe harm in the case of an emergency. With all the benefits, there is no denying that it is an investment that all buildings should have.

Contact an expert at Smoke Guard today for more information on the cost savings of elevator smoke curtains.

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