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Elevator Smoke Containment - Custom

For fire protection engineers who want to provide architects with the utmost freedom when designing elevator lobbies, the M600 Smoke Curtain is an ideal solution. The dimensions of the M600 are fully customizable, which allows it to seal nearly any opening.

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M600 • The Lumen Hotel • Dallas, TX
M600 • The Lumen Hotel • Dallas, TX
M600 • The Lumen Hotel • Dallas, TX
M600 • The Lumen Hotel • Dallas, TX
M600 • Rincon Green Apartments • San Francisco, CA
M600 • Rincon Green Apartments • San Francisco, CA

Technical Details

  • Elevator hoistway opening sizes

    Custom sizes available

  • Ceiling Height

    Up to 10 feet high

  • Housing dimensions

    Lengths: 55, 64, 73 inches and custom Height: 9 inches Depth: 11 (plus return)

  • Unit return sizes (projection from wall)

    Standard returns available: 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch and 1 inch. Custom returns available.

  • Unit electronic control

    Integrated and located in housing of the unit

  • Emergency power source

    Each unit has a battery that can power the unit in compliance with the UL 864 standard

  • Protection from temporary power failures

    Emergency power source takes over if AC power is disrupted

  • Screen rewind switch

    Yes, located on both sides of curtain

  • Keyed test deploy switch

    Optional, activated from wall switch

  • Stainless steel auxiliary rails

    Rails optional, if elevator frame is ferrous and at least 2" wide. If rails are used, they can be painted to match or left unpainted

  • External Indicators

    External indicators will display if a fault is detected including; a partial curtain deployment and blinking LED status indicator lights on housing edge to aid building maintenance personnel in quickly diagnosing system faults.

Frequently Asked Questions

Smoke Guard system (SGS) products are listed and labeled by Interek (Omega Point Laboratories and ETL) in accordance with UL 1784 and UL 864 standards. Our systems are also recognized by the International Code Council (ICC) Evaluation Service...

A head mount is a Smoke Guard system (SGS) housing is mounted directly above the elevator door frame.

A high mount is a Smoke Guard system (SGS) housing is mounted in ceiling or valence above the top of the elevator door frame.

A magnet will adhere to or be attracted to a frame constructed of ferrous materials. Iron and steel are examples of ferrous materials. The Smoke Guard system (SGS) curtain requires a 2-inch wide continuous flat ferrous metal surface for deployment.

Stub rails are short versions of our full-length ferrous metal rails used to span the distance between a ferrous metal elevator door frame and the bottom of a Smoke Guard System (SGS) housing to maintain the continuous ferrous metal surface required for system deployment.

A "side mount" configuration allows the Smoke Guard System (SGS) motor to be mounted on the left or right side of the housing. This configuration allows the units to be installed into conditions that require lower clearance from mount height to structure above. The SGS Model 600 is the only unit currently available in this configuration.

No. The Smoke Guard system (SGS) provides a smoke- and draft-control assembly for the fire-rated elevator door frame. The SGS is a smoke resistant gasket mounted on the face of the elevator doorframe which allows the elevator to function without interfering with elevator door operation.

The release mechanism of the Smoke Guard system (SGS) is connected to a UL listed smoke detector (UL Standard 268) required by code at the elevator landing. When smoke is detected, the release mechanism activates SGS deployment. The SGS curtain covers the elevator openings on the floor where smoke was detected.

We refer to the depth or distance between the wall and the face of the elevator door frame as a "return". Model 200 has specific returns associated this system, consult your local SGS distributor or SG Customer Service on return sizes for your project.

The Smoke Guard system (SGS) Model 200 is a fail safe device that is gravity deployed. This unit will stop only when the curtain assembly encounters the floor.

Yes, the Smoke Guard system (SGS) Model 600 has the ability to continuously check the circuits involved to assure that the screen will release properly.

Smoke Guard, Inc. provides a one-year warranty for the Smoke Guard system (SGS). The warranty period runs twelve months from the date that the project in which they are installed is turned over to the owner.

Each Smoke Guard system (SGS) unit should be exercised once every six months to verify deployment of the screen.