M4000 Deployment

Providing fire and smoke protection for an atrium can become a difficult task, especially when aspiring for an open design. In the past, traditional options also tend to cause unwanted separation, but now there is a new solution provided by Smoke Guard’s M4000 Fire Curtain. With the M4000 perimeter curtain, a large tech company was offered a solution that allowed the most flexibility with open design. Traditionally, the approach to eliminate the need for smoke control would require enclosing the atrium with glass or breaking it up with columns, walls, and vertical coiling steel fire doors. For this space, that was not the desired outcome. The M4000 perimeter curtain's low profile comes from its ability to easily fit within the ceiling and to make turns, allowing the M4000 to encapsulate the atrium without the need of side guides or any exposed structure. When the M4000 is in its stored position, only its outline can be seen and it is flush with the ceiling.